Survival Point

For Alex, he only has one move, get the money from the Accountant and hope it’s enough to make things right with Vargas. There’s just one problem, the gangster’s men aren’t the only ones trying to kill him, Vee, and Ranger.

Texas has become a wasteland where everyone is willing to kill to survive.

Can Alex survive long enough to get to Wendy?

Wendy thought she was going to be fine, then the car gave out and now she’s on foot. Up ahead, in a remote spot, she saw a gas station. It didn’t look like anybody was around, but after what she’d already been through, she had to be cautious.

Was it worth the risk?

Should she just go around?

She needed supplies and made the decision to risk it. If it’s a mistake, it will likely be her last. When every step is a decision, one wrong move could be fatal.

Will she survive?

You’ll love this third book in this post-apocalyptic series, because as the stakes grow and their situations become more dire, they find out what they’re made of and push on.

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